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phpBB .MODifications creator
DJ and music producer


Since I joined the University in 2003, I started programming in Java && C && C#. I also have to learn a web languages and I quickly become familiar with PHP. During studies I started my career as a PHP programmer and that's why the most of my programming is made in PHP.


In 2005, I've started using phpBB and made my first modifications for phpBB2. I also joined the Czech's phpBB+ team and later I've found my own board offering support my own modifications and it became shortly the first support board for phpBB3 in Czech Republic as well. Modification : Feed News Center

(x)HTML CSS JavaScript PHP5 (OOP) Java C# MySQL PostgreSQL Nette Framework jQuery Twitter Bootstrap Foundation ...

Music producer and DJ

#Music (and #programming) is my #life. I´ve started to make my own music in 2000 and I'm still enjoying it so much. In 2010, I also started DJing and it pushed me forward again!
My older production is available on and my actual sounds are on Soundcloud

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